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Research and Development Department

Research is one of the most important subjects in industry which can develop several industries if it is applied practically. Following relation defines the important role that research plays in a sustainable development.  It’s obvious that technology is the result of research and development which causes economical and industrial growth. If this cycle continues permanently, can be a sign of advancement. In a comprehensive definition, research and development define as creative and planned activities which improve people’s life in different aspects, besides its main purpose; developing scientific cognition. R&D department has established to reach our plans and does researches, makes samples and provides services based on new branches of science and modern technology.

R&D goals and activities

Constant effort to  reduce the carbon foot prints caused by products as well as conducting the business responsibly and applying the valid standards to reach to a sustainable development in poultry, livestock and aquatic industry.

Localization of the scientific findings about medicine and supplement formulation based on ecological conditions in Iran, which leads to increase in body’s immune system through having healthy and nutritious products.

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