amineh gostar commerce

Amineh Gostar Marketing

Amineh Gostar Trading Department consisting of two sections: Foreign Trade and Internal Trade always strives to be in touch with other domestic and foreign suppliers to provide the high quality pharmaceutical raw materials and supplements. It’s also been able to supply raw materials in the industry at critical points based on economical strategies. In addition, the business department is planning to meet livestock and poultry needs in neighborhood by launching the export sector.

The Foreign Research Division of Company manages the company’s international communications within the framework of the company’s business policies.

This division :

  • Manages oversea purchases and does researches about oversea purchasing systems
  • Leads oversea export foreign marketing
  • Supervises transportation in international trade
  • Participates in international fairs
  • Inspects foreign trade
  • Manages currency payment systems and opens credit documents
  • Controls Customs of import and export goods and services
  • Performs foreign purchase order registration, traces and receives legal authorizations from relevant organizations.

The highest priority of our company through all the duties mentioned above is to purchase the high quality raw material directly from well known internal or foreign producers.