“Documents required registering and importing any Animal Health Finished Products according to Iran Veterinary Organization (IVO) rules.”

Finished Products contains Feed Additives, Amino Acids, Vitamins, Minerals, Probiotics, Prebiotics, Symbiotics,Breeding Products, Acidifiers, Drugs, Antibiotics, Coccidiostates, Disinfectants, Preservatives, Flavors, binders, yeast preparations and Excipients in animal feed and drugs and other supplements (related to all kinds of livestock, Poultry, Equine, Aquatic and Pet species).

For your convenience there is a form shown below to be filled. Documents and details are attached to it.

Some documents needed to do quick registration on this website, The required items are:
1. Performa Invoice (PI)
2. Exclusive Agency agreement signed by the company and legalized by Iran Embassy.
3. Valid Certification of Analysis (COA) of product (Chemical, microbial, heavy metals and ...)
4. Diagram of production process.
5. Health Certifications of the products certified by your city official references.
6. Picture of any certificates as GMP, ISO 22000, HACCP, EN 1276 or EN 1650 of Producer Company.
7. Free sale certification of the producer company.
8. Field trials for finished products.
9. Certificate of ®, ©or™.

* Some special products may need some additional documents as well.

Aminehgostar Animal Health is one of the well-known pharmaceutical and feed additives manufacturers, located in Iran since 1984 with more than 100 Employees.
Our duty is to serve Animal Health field (Poultry, Livestock, Aquatic, Equine/Horses and Pet) through the highest quality.
Our mission is “Combination of knowledge and commitment to quality” and we believe in it!

There are 4 types of services we provide you with:

1-“Finished Products”, “Feed Additives”, “Disinfectants” “Supplement” in “Animal Health - Veterinary Suppliers and Manufacturers” and all related companies around the world are welcome to introduce us their products, by filling out the application form, we will contact them A.S.A.P after assessing the form by our R & D department, we will be able to place an order to start purchasing the products from you.

2- Amineh gostar Animal Health with 32 active distributors all around the country (Iran) is able to help you out to:
- Register your Products in Iran Veterinary Organization (IVO).
- Do Market researching on your products for Iran or Middle East, specialized in introducing, Local marketing (including email marketing, telephone marketing, SEO, exhibitions, brochures, social media/networking), counseling and supplying of Animal Health Products to the Iranian Poultry, livestock, Aquatic, Pet market and also providing and leading Annual and local exhibitions/trade and shows-seminars.
There is no doubt that local marketing has an absolute role in introducing a product (for we know the Iranian Market), our company definitely is a proper candidate to do it.
- Distribute your products in Iran as your Rep/Agent/Distributor by a contract as an exclusive distributor in Iran or Middle East.
- Support your brand and provide a huge market for you.

3- Invest and cooperate in establishing new factories with foreign Producers in target areas in Iran to reach the goals such as reducing Labor and shipping costs and creating non-competitive position to export to the neighbors by producing through the licensee.

4- Cooperating with foreign companies to establish a factory in Iran.

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